Mission San Lorenzo de la Santa Cruz - March 2021 Update

San Lorenzo de la Santa Cruz Mission is located at 675 North Texas Hwy 55, Camp Wood. This designated national historic and state landmark archaeological site of a short-lived Spanish mission (1762-71) is currently being developed as a tourist and historical site by the Nueces Canyon Mission Restoration Organization (NCMRO).

The church at Mission San Lorenzo de la Santa Cruz, as interpreted by artist Hal Story based on archeological findings.

Not unlike any other organization impacted by Covid-19, our plans for site development have been delayed for one year. The beautiful interpretive signs which were received in March of 2020 were recently installed at the mission site by John Griffin, Bob Brown, and Jim Holder. These signs can now be viewed on location. Each sign has an imprinted QR code that can be accessed for additional historical information. To help save on considerable shipping costs for the signs and metal posts, Dr. Tamra Walter, lead archeologist during the 2017 and 2018 excavations, and husband, Don, voluntarily traveled from Lubbock to Austin to pick up the signs and deliver them to Camp Wood.

Left to Right : Finding Location, Preparing Post Hole, Inputting Post, Finished!


The pathways which follow the interpretive signs are not yet installed, and the City of Camp Wood has stated that they will assist in moving the pathway material as soon as scheduling permits. We have several tons of pathway ground cover material stored at the city storage property. Also, we will be installing benches and shade awnings. Three of the benches have been spoken for as memorials and are being paid for by family donation. We are excited that the plans and dreams of developing this site are being realized, and the site will be a completed tourist and historical attraction.


In addition, we have 2,500 tourist flyers to place at visitor centers across Texas. We have a professionally developed website that displays the history of the mission and artifacts. The tourist flyers and website will be made available to the public at the same time we have our public grand opening ceremony and ribbon cutting inviting all Canyon residents and tourists to enjoy our beautiful Nueces Canyon. The site is currently open and can be visited as is without the finished enhancements.